D o o d l y C o u c h
Doodling Journals and
Therapy Workbooks
Doodling is very therapeutic.
Art therapy has been used in many settings, but particularly with children. Doodling allows you to express yourself without the restrictions of finding just the right words, and without trying to create a perfect "picture" that describes just what you're feeling or thinking. Start doodling, and express yourself, your feelings, your thoughts, your emotions, without trying to make it "mean" anything at all. What you'll discover is that just the process of doodling helps you to think clearly.

Then keep a journal of your doodles - this is what DoodlyCouch is about.
In our journals you can write when you feel like writing, draw if you want to draw, or just doodle.

We also have self-therapy workbooks, full of therapy-like questions and lots of space to reflect and write - just like you would do in a therapy session, but with privacy. Assess yourself, start thinking, and be on your way to finding answers that may just help you reach your goals and make changes in your life.

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